Domain Forwarding

Domain forwarding allows you to forward your domains inside of your ClickFunnels account by taking your URL and redirecting it to your destination URL. For example,  take and redirect it to

Definition of domain forwarding: Redirecting requests on the Internet to a different Internet address. For example, domain forwarding allows multiple domain names to be registered, all of which point to the same website.  *from PC Mag

Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

Step 1: Access ClickFunnels Domain Forwarding

  1. Starting from the ClickFunnels dashboard navigate to account settings

  2. From the account settings navigate to domains.

  3. Select the Domain that you would like to set up forwarding for.
  4. Scroll to Domain Forwarding and click Expand.
  5. Click Add to add a forwarding rule to your domain.

Step 2: Domain Forwarding Set Up

  1. Choose the forwarding Priority 1-16 (Lower numbers will take precedence over higher numbers).
  2. Enter your Pattern URL (Patterns will do partial matching by default and MUST start with your purchased domain name).
Important Note: Patterns are also known as the domain you are forwarding from, if you'd like to forward a specific funnel on this domain for example then you would enter including the path name for that funnel. Entering the root domain for example will not work. Learn More About Funnel URLs
  1. Enter your Destination URL(The destination URL can point anywhere). In this example, we will send to
  2. Mark Active if Is this Rule ready to be turned on and active.
  3. Leave exact matching set to off. If you turn on Exact matching this will disable partial matching and only match exact URLs (optional).
    For example, if Exact is active only if is put in exactly as will go to, however, if Exact is off then any path after the URL will go to be eg: or will go to
  4. Click Save.
  5. If successful you will have a success message appear.mceclip10.png
  6. You can then see your forwarding rule, note it may take some time for it to appear.
Important Note: 
ClickFunnels link forwarding will only go two paths deep. ClickFunnels cannot forward to a web page with three paths. For example: will not work.
Instead, it will land on
The workaround is to use a link shortener, such as TinyURL, to handle the forwarding.
Alternatively, a landing page with an expired time can be set to the Default page so that the expired timer handles the forwarding.
If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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