Domain Transfer

In this article, we will cover transferring ownership of a domain registered through ClickFunnels to another domain hosting platform.

 Before getting started, you will need to have the following: 

  • A domain purchased through ClickFunnels

  Step #1 - What is an Internal Domain  

A domain purchased through ClickFunnels and still hosted by ClickFunnels is also known as an Internal Domain.

 The steps in this article will only work for Internal Domains. 

You can tell if your domain is an Internal Domain by going here   , then looking to the right of the domains listed under  Expiration  to see if it is internal or not, as seen below.

If it says External Domain next to it, it is not an Internal Domain.

If it shows an expiration date next to it, then it is an Internal Domain.

  Step #2 - Creating a Required DNSimple Account  

 Internal Domains can only be transferred to a DNSimple Account. 

If you wish to have your domain transferred to a different registrar, you will first need to transfer the domain to DNSimple and then transfer the domain from DNSimple to the registrar you wish to host your domain.

Go to this URL  

Select a free trial for one of the pricing plans, as seen below.

Now sign up using your Google account or enter in manually an email address and password, then click Join DNSimple.

Now choose whether you want your DNSimple used for Personal (Individual) or Business.

Now fill out the card information as seen below.

Now click on  Adding Payment  .

You will be taken to a page similar to this.

 You will not need to select one of these options. 

Your DNSimple account is now created.  Proceed to Step #3 of this article.

  Step #3 - Reaching out to ClickFunnels Billing Support  

 You will now need to reach out to ClickFunnels Billing Support to request your domain to be transferred out of ClickFunnels. 

Create an email to send to 

Make the title of the email “Domain Transfer”.

Copy and paste the following message into the body of your email with the proper information…

Hello ClickFunnels!

I would like to transfer my Internal Domain outside of ClickFunnels.  Below is the required information to transfer my domain…

  1. The domain I would like to transfer is ____.
  2. I confirm that I have a paid DNSimple account created with the email address _______.
  3. The email address connected to my ClickFunnels account is ____.
  4. The last 4 digits of the card AND expiration date used for billing my ClickFunnels account is _____.

Fill out the underlined blank areas with the correct information and send the email.  A Billing agent will respond as soon as possible.  Below is a real-life example of a response from the Billing Team that you will expect to receive…

Within 24 hours you will receive a second email from the Billing Agent stating that your domain has been successfully transferred.  Below is a real-life example of one of these emails.

If the domain name and or email address listed in their response is incorrect, please respond to the email as soon as possible with the correct information.

If everything is correct, then proceed to Step #4.

  Step #4 - Adding the Domain to your DNSimple Account  

You will receive an automated email from DNSimple informing you that ClickFunnels wants to move your domain into your DNSimple account.

Within the email, they will give you a hyperlink to click on to accept the transfer.

Here is an example of an email with an arrow pointing to the hyperlink to click on.

 Click on the hyperlink  to be sent to a DNSimple page showing your domain and an Accept and Decline button.  If the domain is correct, click Accept. 

A registration form will appear that must be filled out before DNSimple will accept the transfer.  Once the form has been filled out, click Accept Push at the bottom. 

If you receive any errors or have questions about the registration form, please reach out to DNSimple Support as seen here -  

If you receive no errors, your domain has been successfully transferred to DNSimple.  Congratulations!  You may now proceed to Step #5 if you wish.

  Step #5 - My Domain is Transferred.  Now what?  

Reply to the ClickFunnels Billing Agent’s email letting them know your domain transfer was successful.  They will respond with a hyperlink where you can leave a positive review if you’d like.  Below is an example of a closing response.

You will now be able to manage your domain within DNSimple.

If you require assistance in managing your DNSimple Account, you can check out their Support articles here   or contact their Support Team as seen here  

  Important Note:    Due to ICANN Regulations there is a 60-day window to transfer your domain out of DNSimple to another host.     Click here to review ICANN Regulations     . 

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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