ClickFunnels’ Data Processing Addendum FAQs 

Last Updated: May 27, 2020


Personal data - Data that can be used to identify an individual

Data subject - An individual who can be identified using personal data; the individual whose data is in question

Data controller - An entity that controls the purpose and means of processing personal data

Data processor - An entity that processes the personal data on behalf of the controller

What is a Data Processing Addendum?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that a data controller enters into an agreement with its data processor. These agreements are typically called Data Processing Agreements or Addendums (DPA). DPAs are binding and establish roles and responsibilities for the parties with respect to the personal data collected and processed.

Given the relationship our users have with ClickFunnels, as between you and ClickFunnels, you are a data controller. If you engage with third parties to process data for you, they may be a processor and you may also need an agreement with them (that is outside of the scope of this FAQ).

Who is Required to enter into a Data Processing Addendum?

Any business that requires the collection of personal data of European Union citizens (the controller) is required to enter into a DPA with its processor(s), the business or the person who collects the information on behalf of the controller. A DPA may also be required for other protected individuals depending on the location and rights of that individual. If you are unsure if you are required to have a DPA, or if other data privacy laws apply, we recommend checking with your legal advisors.

How Can I Enter Into a Data Processing Addendum with ClickFunnels?

You are required to agree to our Terms of Service in order to become a ClickFunnels user. We’ve made it easy by incorporating our DPA into our Terms. As such, there is no need to take any additional action if you need to have a DPA in place.

Do I Need to Sign ClickFunnels’ Data Processing Addendum?

Nope! Once you have agreed to and accepted our Terms, the DPA will govern our processing of any European Union personal data you store in the ClickFunnels system. It is not necessary for you to sign our DPA. Your agreement to our Terms, and your continued use of ClickFunnels, fulfills this obligation.

You may wish to print the DPA for safekeeping. You can do so here .

Does ClickFunnels Sign Other Data Processing Addendum?

We do not sign third-party DPAs. We’ve taken steps to ensure that our Terms, Privacy Statement, and DPA satisfy the requirements between a data controller and processor.

Have Additional Questions?

Email our Compliance Team or call our Privacy Line at 888-411-0243

Please note that we are unable to provide legal or compliance advice. For any such advice, we recommend that you seek legal counsel.

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