Domain Troubleshooting - Domain Showing "Incomplete"

Troubleshoot a domain that is stuck as "incomplete" in your ClickFunnels account. Please review the solutions below to see what might work for you.

If you have a domain in your account that shows it's incomplete after setting it up, this will help you troubleshoot the most common problems. Please review each possible solution below before proceeding.

Prior To Getting Started, You Will Need The Following: 

Important Note: Please visit our Domain FAQ article before going through this troubleshooting article. If you're looking for setup instructions for your root domain instead, please start with this article.

Possible Solution #1: Your Nameservers Are Not Pointing To Your Registrar

  1. Before looking at your other DNS records, the first place to check when a domain record doesn't appear connected is to ensure your Nameservers are pointing properly.
  2. Though this process can vary by domain provider, you'll want to head to your DNS Management within your Registrar.
  3. Locate your Nameservers settings (image shown from GoDaddy).
  4. Make sure your Nameservers are pointing to your provider -when in doubt, they should show as being "default."
  5. In the above example, the "" nameservers are controlled by GoDaddy, so any CNAME record we add would show up.
  6. Alternatively, if those nameservers were set to "custom," you'd have to log in to the appropriate DNS management system to edit them.
  7. Wherever the nameservers are pointing, make sure to add your CNAME record as required by that registrar.
  8. If your nameservers are correct, continue to Solution #2.

Possible Solution #2: Your Record Wasn't Saved

  1. Whether it's your root domain or a different subdomain, most registrars in ClickFunnels require you to add a CNAME record to connect your domain.
  2. The most common reason a domain shows as incomplete is that the record is not properly added to your host.
  3. Make sure to go back and review the domain setup as required by your host.
  4. If you do not find a CNAME record for your domain, make sure to repeat that setup accordingly.dns_record.png

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Possible Solution #3: Your Record Hasn't Propagated

  1. If you review domain records and you do find the proper CNAME record in place, it could be that your record has not yet propagated.
  2. To check on your domain propagation, you'll want to begin by visiting this site.
  3. Once there, type your domain into the search bar (make sure to put just the domain without "https://" example:
  4. From the dropdown menu, select CNAME. 
  5. Click "Search."
  6. If it shows all "red X's" it means the domain has not propagated.no_propagation.png
  7. If it shows "" for the results, your domain has propagated.domain_connected.png
  8. In this case, you'll want to remove your domain from ClickFunnels and re-add it while the record is pointing properly.
  9. Learn how to remove a custom domain here.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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