Setting Up A Subscription or Payment Plan Product with Stripe

When using Stripe as your payment processor these steps will create a subscription or payment plan product for purchases made in Stripe. Setting up a subscription or payment plan product will allow you to bill your clients at scheduled times for the use of your products or services.

Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

Stripe Subscription Products are products that will charge a customer recurring payments. The set up for both a subscription or payment plan product in Stripe is the same. Unlike a one-time product, a subscription or payment plan needs to be created in Stripe before it can be created and set up in ClickFunnels.

Step 1: Set Up A Subscription or Payment Plan Product with Stripe:

1Log in to your Stripe account.

2. Toggle the View test data switch OFF (light gray color) in the top navigation menu.

Leave it as is if it’s already set to OFF. When ON, it will have an orange color.


3Click Products on the top navigation menu.


4. Click the + Add Product button.


5. Enter the product’s Name.


6. Under Pricing Model, select Standard pricing.


7. Enter the product’s Price.
8. Select the product’s Currency.
9. Select Recurring.
10. Select the desired Billing period (frequency of charges).

Important Note: If you would like to set up a free trial for your product, you will want to do this when setting up the product in ClickFunnels. The settings in ClickFunnels will override this setting in Stripe. 

11. Enter the ID for the subscription product.


Important Note: Even though this field is labeled as Optional, this is a required step if you want to be able to test the product setup in ClickFunnels using Stripe’s Test Mode. Make sure to record the ID in a safe place (notepad, text editor, notebook), as it will be used again in a later step.

Important Note: If the Optional ID field isn't showing for you inside of your Stripe account, this is due to recent changes with how Stripe integrates with 3rd parties. In order for this field to be visible, it is required that Stripe and ClickFunnels have been fully integrated and setup correctly. If you are still having trouble locating the Optional Field, please reach out to support and we can help troubleshoot.

12. Click the Save product button.


To test your order pages both a test and live subscription product need to be created in Stripe before it can be created in ClickFunnels.

Creating a live subscription product will allow you to process live real purchases of your product. (Steps 1 - 12)

Creating a test subscription product will allow you to make test purchases of said subscription. (Steps 13-23)


13. Toggle the View test data switch ON in the left navigation menu.


14Click Products on the left navigation menu.

15Click the + Add Product button.

16Enter the product’s Name.

17Under Pricing Model, select Standard pricing.

18Enter the product’s Price.

19Select the product’s Currency.

20Select Recurring.

21Select the desired Billing period (frequency of charges).

22Important: Enter the exact same ID used in Step 11 one more time.


23Click the Save product button.

Once the subscription product has been created in Stripe, the next step is to create the subscription product in ClickFunnels.


Important Note: Only the required steps for creating the product in Stripe have been added to this guide. If you would like to use some of the optional fields in Stripe, please reach out to Stripe Support for further information.


Also please note: Only recurring subscriptions are available to use with ClickFunnels currently.  Stripe Tiered subscription plans are not available as a product option in ClickFunnels.

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 If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.


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