Setting Up A Stripe Payment Plan Product in ClickFunnels

When using Stripe as your payment processor these steps will create a payment plan product for purchases made in ClickFunnels. Setting up a payment plan product will allow you to bill your customers a designated number of payments for the use of your products or services.

Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

A payment plan product will charge your customer a predetermined number of payments (i.e. 3 monthly payments of $97), and at the end of the set billing cycles, the customer will no longer be billed.

Payment plans cannot be used as order bump products in your sales funnels. Unlike a one-time product, a payment plan product needs to be created in Stripe as a subscription product before it can be created in ClickFunnels.

Important Note: Only the required steps for creating a payment plan product in ClickFunnels have been added to this guide. If you need help with the other fields in the product set up please use this document: Setting up a product in ClickFunnels: Product Details.

Step 1: Set Up A Stripe Payment Plan

  1. Open the funnel where you would like to add your payment plan product.
  2. Access the Order or OTO step in your sales funnel.


  3. Access the Products tab.


  4. Click the + Add Product button.


  5. Under Integrations, select the desired Stripe integration.


  6. Select Payment Plan.


  7. Click the Save and Next button.


  8. Enter the Product Name.


  9. Under Stripe Plan, select the Name of the Stripe subscription product from the dropdown.


  10. Enter the Number of plan payments.

This goes in hand with the Billing period set in Stripe. i.e. If the Billing period is set to Monthly and the Number of plan payments is set to six (6), the customer would pay the price set in Stripe a total of six times, one per month.


Important Note: If you set a trial period on your Stripe product. Add one extra payment to the number of payments to ensure the billing does not start or cancel prematurely. The first will cover the trial period and the second will start the billing process. 

11. Click the Save and Close button.


If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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