Connect Zoho With Your ClickFunnels Domain for Email

Learn to set up your Zoho DNS records in your ClickFunnels domain. With this, you can use a ClickFunnels domain to manage, send, and receive emails.

If you are setting up Zoho as your email host provider, this will teach you how to create the domain records in ClickFunnels.

Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

Step 1. Verify Your Domain

  1. From within your new Zoho Account, select Others... from the DNS provider dropdown menu.
  2. Copy the Name CNAME record.
  3. Go to your ClickFunnels Zone Editor for the domain you are adding email to.
  4. Click Expand under Zone Editor.
  5. Scroll down and select CNAME for the record type. 
  6. Paste the record Name
  7. Return to Zoho and copy the record Value.
  8. In ClickFunnels, paste your record Value
  9. Click Save.
  10. Return to Zoho and click Proceed to CNAME Verification
  11. On the popup, click Verify Now.
  12. On the next page, click Create Account.


Important Note: For the purpose of our initial setup, the next two steps are not necessary. If you proceed as instructed here, you will set up your first email address and connect with ClickFunnels. If you wish to add other users or email addresses, please consult with Zoho Support for further assistance.

Step 2. Configure Email Delivery

  1. For Add Users click Skip on the bottom right. 
  2. For Create Groups, click Skip on the bottom right.
  3. Copy the first Address field shown for your MX record. 
  4. Return to your ClickFunnels Zone Editor and scroll down to create an MX record.
  5. Leave the Name field blank
  6. Paste the Address field in Value. 
  7. Click Save and return to Zoho.
  8. Repeat this for the other two MX Records.
  9. Return to Zoho and click Next.


Step 3. SPF/DKIM Setup

  1. Locate the TXT Value from your Zoho Account and copy that value.
  2. Return to your ClickFunnels Zone Editor. 
  3. Scroll down to create a new TXT Record.
  4. Leave the Name field blank.
  5. Paste your copied TXT Value in the Value field. 
  6. Click Save.
  7. Return to Zoho and click Proceed to Configure DKIM.
  8. Click the Edit icon next to your domain. 
  9. Click Add Selector. 
  10. Enter a Selector Name (we recommend something simple, like "DKIM").
  11. Click Save.
  12. Copy the TXT Value and paste in a new record in your ClickFunnels DNS under Value.
  13. Copy the first part of your TXT-Host/Name from Zoho (in this example, dkim._domainkey).
  14. Paste this part in the Name field in ClickFunnels. 
  15. Select TXT as the record type. 
  16. Click Save.
  17. Return to Zoho and complete optional configuration.


For optional setup support or additional instructions, you can visit Zoho support here:​​

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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