Provide Leads With Survey Results

In this article, we will cover how you can email survey results to your leads. When taking your leads through a survey, there may be times when you need to email their survey results or a “report” of what they have answered. ClickFunnels allows you to set up an email to send the lead a summary of the survey’s questions and their answers. This feature is useful to customize the lead’s experience after submitting the survey (follow-up experience).



Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

Setting up the Survey’s outcome on your Optin page:

1. Hover over ClickFunnels and click on Funnels.




2. Click on the funnel you wish to edit.




3. Open the page editor for the step containing the survey element, by clicking EDIT PAGE.

Important Note: Make sure you have added a survey element to your page. If you have not, please visit the related article: Create New Survey.




4. Once inside the page, hover over the survey element and click on the gear icon

Important Note: The survey element shouldn’t be placed inside a pop-up for this setup to work properly. The survey must be part of the main page.









6. Click on the OUTCOMES tab.




7. Click on Default Outcome Action.




8. Set the PAGE ACTION to Open Popup.




Important Note: Please make sure your popup has at least these two elements for the action to work correctly: an input field for the email address and a button with the action set to submit the page.



Generating the email merge tags for your survey results email:

In this part of the process, you will generate the information required to create the email merge tags to send the survey results to your leads. If you haven’t explored email merge tags yet, please review the following article: Email Merge Tags For ClickFunnels Emails.

1. Test the page with the survey in an incognito/private browser window to ensure it submits correctly.

2. Once you have tested the page, go back to the funnel and click on the CONTACTS tab.





3. Locate the test email and click on EDIT.




4. Scroll down to the ADDITIONAL INFO section.




5. Locate and copy the question and answer labels, and paste them into a notepad.

These labels will be found right above the fields containing the question and lead’s answer.




6. Edit the labels to be used as merge tags.


Example of a question label: Question 45559 Xhsj3


If the label is Question 45559 Xhsj3, your merge tag should look like this: #question_45559_xhsj3#


6.1 Replace all uppercase letters with lowercase: question 45559 xhsj3

6.2 Replace all spaces with underscores: question_45559_xhsj3

6.3 Finally, add a pound/hash sign at the beginning and at the end of the merge tag: #question_45559_xhsj3#


Important Note: In summary, in order for a merge tag to work correctly, it cannot contain any spaces, nor have any capitalized letters. Capitalized letters should be replaced with small letters and spaces should be replaced with underscores. The pound/hash character should be added at the beginning and at the end of each label to complete the merge tag.


7. Once you have adjusted both the question label as well as the answer label, you can copy and paste the merge tags into your email, as required.




You can create as many merge tags as you’d like, you will just need to repeat the above steps for each question. Make sure each merge tag created is unique.

By using the Adding New Automations within your funnel or the Follow-Up Funnel Email Messenger feature, you can set up an email to include the custom merge tags to deliver your leads' survey results automatically.



 If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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