Top Frequently Asked Questions


  Question: How to track the shipments of physical products purchased from ClickFunnels?  

 Answer: Once an order is purchased please allow up to 2-3 business days for the order to be processed. As soon as the order is processed an email will be sent to your inbox with tracking information. Keep in mind that domestic shipping can take up to 1-2 weeks for delivery and international shipping can take up to 3-4 weeks. 

 Please feel free to reach out to ClickFunnels support for tracking inquiries after 4 business days and you have not received a tracking link yet. Also, if you find that your order has not been delivered or any issues with the tracking link please reach back out to us. 

  Question: Can ClickFunnels replace my website? What exactly does ClickFunnels do?  

 Answer: Absolutely! If you want, you can build your main website directly in ClickFunnels. However, the main purpose of ClickFunnels is to escape from the trap of a "traditional" website. Visitors on websites are a dime a dozen, but ClickFunnels allows you to build out entire funnels and marketing systems using proven, visually editable, page templates with absolute simplicity and ease. 


  Question: Who can benefit from using ClickFunnels?  

 Answer: If you have a business and are looking to generate more sales online, ClickFunnels can benefit you. With software designed to make online business as simple as dragging and dropping the required components, ClickFunnels allows you to leverage the most powerful tools online today to increase your sales online. 


  Question: How much does it cost to get started with ClickFunnels?  

  Answer: ClickFunnels starts at either $97/month for the Basic plan or $297/month for ClickFunnels Platinum, depending on the features you are looking for. You can find  a comparison of those packages here  .  

  Question: What happens if I exceed my page visitors?  

Answer: On the ClickFunnels basic plan, you are limited to 20,000 unique visitors. When you exceed this limit of visitors to your funnels, a ClickFunnels owned  affiliate badge  will be added to all your funnel pages. The counter will reset on the 1st of the month, after midnight UTC timezone.

   Important Note    Referrals from the affiliate badge which appears on all your funnel pages when account visitors are exceeded will not be credited to you. 


  Question: How many Payment Gateways and SMTPs can I integrate with ClickFunnels?  

 Answer: With the Basic plan, you can have 3 payment gateways and 3 SMTPs. With the Platinum plan, you can add up to 9 payment gateways and 9 SMTPs. 


  Question: How do I send automated emails to people who opt into my funnel?  

  Answer: This can be accomplished through either   3rd party  autoresponders  or directly with  Follow-Up Funnels  if you have ClickFunnels Platinum. Please explore the various options by visiting the links included here. 


  Question: Can I use an existing domain for my funnel?  

  Answer: You can use your custom domain and point it to ClickFunnels so you can use it in your funnels. Refer to this tutorial   here   for more information.  


  Question: Can I buy a domain from ClickFunnels?  

  Answer: You can certainly purchase/register a domain in ClickFunnels and use it in your funnels. Check this article   here   for more information.  


  Question: If I buy a ClickFunnels domain, do I also get email hosting services? 
 Answer: ClickFunnels doesn't offer email hosting services, however, you can set up your ClickFunnels domain to work with our two supported email host integrations:   Zoho   and   Google Gsuite   . 


  Question: Can I create a sitemap within ClickFunnels?  

 Answer: There is presently not a native ability to create a sitemap within ClickFunnels.   In order to create a sitemap, you would need to manually create one with the appropriate URLs.

 If you are utilizing external hosting with HTML downloaded ClickFunnels pages, you could potentially upload your XML file to your host, server-side. Y   ou could also look into creating one via WordPress if you are utilizing the WordPress application. 

  Question: Where can I get additional information about starting my first funnel? 
Answer: For help with building your first funnel, there are Funnel Guides available here that will walk you through the process of creating your funnel. 
These guides are created by the Virtual Hackathon Team.

The Virtual Hackathon Team does live “Hackathons” every single Day (Twice a day M-F) and are available to all ClickFunnels Platinum Members.

If you aren’t a ClickFunnels Platinum member, you can learn more here:    ClickFunnels Platinum 


  Question: Will I be billed automatically after the free 14 day trial period?  

 Answer: If the account has not been canceled or scheduled to cancel before the conclusion of the free trial period, the card on file will be charged. The charge will automatically be made exactly 14 days from the time the account was activated. 


  Question: When can I expect my account to be billed for my ClickFunnels subscription?  

 Answer: Our automated payment system collects payment for your subscription on the same day every month. For example, if your free trial period concluded on the 20th of February, then your monthly billing date becomes the 20th of every month. 


  Question: What forms of payment does ClickFunnels accept?  

 Answer: ClickFunnels accepts all major credit and debit cards. 


  Question: What does “Pay As You Grow” mean?  

 Answer: The "pay as you grow" phrase is not in reference to a specific payment plan, though it might sound that way. It is actually our promise to not lock you into any plan. This means you can upgrade/downgrade at any time - whether your business is in its growth stage and you need a larger capacity, or you need to decrease cost and go with a lower capacity plan. 

  Question: What are prorated charges, and how are they calculated?  

 Answer: A prorated charge is a partial charge made for upgrading your monthly ClickFunnels subscription. Switching plans in the midst of a billing cycle results in a prorated credit and prorated charge being applied to the account. The credit for time unused on the previous plan, and the charge for the time remaining on the new plan. 


  Question: Do I need to purchase the 9 Secret Funnels Training for $47 in order to sign up for ClickFunnels?  

 Answer: You do not need to purchase the 9 Secret Funnels Training in order to activate your ClickFunnels account. If you do not wish to purchase this training, simply leave the box next to this offer unchecked. 


  Question: How can I view and retrieve my past invoices?  

  Answer: You can access your invoices by navigating to your Account Settings (on the drop-down menu in the top right corner of your dashboard) > Account Billing > Invoice History.   From there you may click on any of your invoices to view, edit and retrieve.  

  Question: How can I update my billing information for my ClickFunnels account?  

 Answer: You can update your billing information by navigating to your Account Settings (on the drop-down menu in the top right corner of your dashboard) > Account Billing > Payment Information. 

 If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. 

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