Funnel Fridays

Funnel Fridays is a series hosted by Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards who go over the inception and development of a funnel based on industry, market, offer or purpose in half an hour. While the schedule for Funnel Fridays may vary, they are always produced live on Fridays.

Where to Watch:

There are 4 Places where Funnel Fridays goes live for people to watch:

  1. YouTube on the Russell Brunson Channel
  2. Instagram under Russell Brunson's account
  3. Facebook inside the ClickFunnels Facebook Page
  4. Zoom - if you registered for the event you will receive an email with the link

Funnel Fridays Password:

Each Funnel Fridays, the funnel that is built live in front of the audience and is made available through the unique URL and password presented that day. The Funnels that are build are only available for 24 hours, after that the page is scrubbed clean in preparation for the next Funnel Fridays. 

Requests for the Funnel past the 24-hour mark cannot be met, so be sure to get your Funnels while you can. If you miss a particular funnel, keep attending Funnel Fridays as many topics and industries rotate through, especially if they're in high demand.

Further Questions:

If you have any other questions regarding Funnel Fridays, please do not hesitate to reach out via the help widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen for more information.

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