Creating An Email Messenger Broadcast

If you need to send a one-time email to a specific group of contacts, creating a Broadcast using the Email Messenger app can help. This article will be helpful if you want to send a one-time email, totally independent of any Follow-Up Funnel sequences that you have created.

Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

Important Note : Link shorteners (like Bitly & Marketer Magic) can often cause issues if used in Broadcasts, Follow Up Funnels, and Funnels. If the shortened links are not working as expected, we suggest using the full links instead.

The Email Messenger app is a native feature of ClickFunnels that will allow you to email your contacts without the need for a 3rd party autoresponder. If you would like to send out a one-time email to your contacts, you can create an Email Messenger Broadcast.

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Creating An Email Messenger Broadcast:

1. From your ClickFunnels dashboard, hover over the Follow-Up Funnels drop-down menu and click Broadcasts .

2. Click on the + New Broadcast button.

3. Add a name in the Broadcast Name field.

Important Note: If you need help getting started with creating a new Broadcast, please refer to this article here .

4. Click the Email Messenger button under the Built-In Apps section.

This will take you to the next step in the funnel.

5. Add a Group Tag to create a group of Broadcasts or save this Broadcast to a group you've already created . (Optional)

6. Select the email integration you would like to use under the Send From section.

If you have not yet integrated your SMTP into your account, click the Add an SMTP integration button to start.

More information on the supported 3rd party SMTP integrations can be found in our article on SMTP Email Integrations .

7. Enter a From Name .

This will be displayed as the sender’s name in your recipients’ inboxes.

8. Select which list(s) of contacts you would like to send your email broadcast to under the Who Will Receive This Broadcast section.

You can select multiple lists.

9. Add a Filter Rule to restrict which contacts in your list will receive this Broadcast by clicking the + Add Rule Group button. (Optional)

By default, we'll send to everyone on your list(s) or you can restrict the action to only contacts who meet certain rules.

Important Note : For more information about how to create Rules, check the Rule Group Glossary and Create A Smart List articles.

10. Click Next .

11. Enter the subject line for your email message under the Subject section.

12. Enter a preheader (comes after your subject line but before your message) under the Pre Header section. (Optional)

13. Choose an email template for your Broadcast.

You can browse our list of existing system templates located under the System tab, or you can choose any of your own previously created templates by clicking the User tab .

You can make your selection by hovering over the template you want and clicking the + Select Template button or preview the template by clicking the Preview button .

14. C lick the Edit Email button to edit the email template and fill it with your message/content.
The Email Editor works similarly to the Page Editor .

You can also save the template you chose to use again later by clicking the Save Email As Template button. ( Optional)

15. Click Next .

16. Set the Schedule for your Broadcast by choosing one of the following options :

a. Toggle on the Send Now switch to start your Broadcast immediately after finishing the setup .

b. Click the date on the calendar below Send At to indicate when you would like to start/send your Broadcast once the setup is complete.

c. Select the time to start the Broadcast under Send Time .

Important Note: The time zone is determined by the time zone set in your Timezone and Language Settings within your Account Settings.

17. Click Next .

18. On the Summary page, review the summary of your selections for your Broadcast to make sure everything is correct .

a. Click the Send Now button at the bottom of the page if your Broadcast is ready and you previously chose to send it immediately after review .

The Broadcast will be sent over to the Sent tab.
b. Click the Queue to Send button at the bottom of the page if your Broadcast is ready and you previously chose to send your Broadcast at a future date and time.

The Broadcast will be sent over to the Queued tab.

c. Click the Exit to Overview button if you would like to wait before sending or queuing to send your Broadcast.

The Broadcast will remain in the Drafts tab.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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