Backpack Tax Form Settings

The Backpack Tax Form Settings feature allows you to collect important tax information from your affiliates. You can also use this form to display valuable information regarding support or payments schedule for your affiliate program in your affiliate dashboard. 




Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:


Understanding Tax Form Settings:

Setting up your Backpack tax form settings will allow your affiliates to have access to the proper forms that you as the affiliate program owner deem required to claim their commissions. 


1. Hover over Backpack in the top navigation menu and click on Settings




2. In the Tax Form Text field, enter the text that you want to display on your affiliate dashboard. 


This will display as a hover message for your affiliates in your affiliate dashboard. Be sure to include a recipient email address for your affiliate to submit their tax form or any other required documentation that you ask your affiliates to submit.


Important Note: ClickFunnels does not collect tax forms or any other documentation submitted by your affiliates on your behalf.




Important Note: All text-based URLs included in the tax form message will display as clickable links. 


Here is a sample text:

We currently do not have an accepted tax form on file for you. Please contact your affiliate manager for more details. US residents should email over the IRS W-9 form found here. Please complete the form and submit it to:


Important Note: Please speak with a local tax professional for guidance on your country's/state's tax requirements.

3. Adjust the Sticky Cookie duration (optional). 


This will be the amount of days that the affiliate sticky cookie will remain stored in our system to credit your affiliates for every customer they refer to your affiliate funnel.





  • John (the buyer of your product), clicks on Paul’s (your affiliate) affiliate link, but doesn’t complete the purchase in the first visit to your funnel.
  • John visits your funnel a week later and completes the purchase of your product.
  • In a scenario where the sticky cookie duration is set to 30 days, Paul (your affiliate) will be credited the sale since the transaction happened 7 days after John visited your funnel following Paul’s link.

For more information on Sticky Cookies, please visit the following article:
ClickFunnels Sticky Cookie

Click Update Affiliate Settings.

In the Affiliate Page Order section, you can sort the order of the funnels displayed on your affiliate dashboard for your affiliates to see and promote.





If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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