Create A Subscription Product

Learn to create a subscription product in ClickFunnels for any payment gateway. With this, you can create a product in ClickFunnels and connect with your favorite payment Gateway.

If you wish to create a subscription product to sell in ClickFunnels, this article will teach you how. With this, you can charge a continuing subscription price for a product in ClickFunnels.

Prior to getting started, you will need the following:

Important Note : Some gateways require you to set up your product in your Gateway while others are done 100% through ClickFunnels. Please review the instructions for your gateway for more detailed information.

Step 1. Prepare Your Payment Gateway

Important Note : For most API payment gateways, you will need to create your products in your respective Gateway before proceeding. Please review your respective documentation so you can connect that product with ClickFunnels.

Step 2. Create Your Product In ClickFunnels

  • From within your Order Form step, select the "Products" tab.
  • Click "Add Product."


  • Select your billing integration from the dropdown (Stripe shown in example).
  • Select "subscription"
  • Click "Save And Next"


  • Enter your product Name
  • Skip Amount and Currency.
  • Enter your Price Display Override (optional; will impact how your price displays on the Order Page.)


  • Add shipping address if needed
  • Enter your Product Description (this will affect how your product appears on the receipt).
  • Select your subscription plan from the drop-down menu (this was created in step 1).
  • Enter the Number of Payments (if using a Trial Period, Add 1 payment to your total. I.E. for 3 payments and one trial period, you'd enter 4 payments; If unlimited, enter "999.")
  • Enter the Trial Period (this can be used to offer a free trial. I.E. if you put 14 in here it will offer a 14-day trial and charge $0.00 the first payment before charging the plan amount after 14 days.)
  • Click "Create product."


Important Note : When shipping a subscription product, please ensure you set up a shipping address field on your order form page. A billing address will not substitute for a shipping address.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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