Sub-User Permissions

A Sub-User is someone who is able to access your ClickFunnels account based on the permissions set by you as the owner of the account. Permissions for a Sub-User can be adjusted at any time. This feature is particularly useful if you have someone who is running your account for you.


Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

  • ClickFunnels account access

Exploring the different Sub User permission levels

Important Note: When providing permission to a sub-user please be aware of the option to provide a minor with Sub-user access, this is for the protection of your account and the sub-user as well.



When inviting a sub-user, you have the ability to select their permission level. 

The different permission levels are explained below:

Full Access Permission (Default Setting):

  • By granting someone full access as a sub-user, you are allowing this individual to access every area within your ClickFunnels account, aside from account billing information.

  • This can be useful if you have a full-time staff member who manages your ClickFunnels account.

  • You may also wish to invite users with full permission who are stakeholders in your business.

Important Note: Even with "full access permission," a sub-user will be unable to view or edit your account billing information. 

Global Account Settings: 

  • General Account Settings: This will enable a sub-user to gain access to your account settings, which allows them to effectively manage your ClickFunnels account settings (i.e. Integrations, Domains, SMTP, etc).

  • ClickFunnels Affiliate Page: This will allow you to restrict or provide access to the affiliate links and the affiliate earnings on the dashboard.


This category entails creating and managing your funnels. There are three sub-categories to select from.

  • Funnels: This allows a sub-user to build and edit your funnels.

  • Contacts: This allows a sub-user to manage your contacts.

  • Sales: This allows a sub-user to manage your products and view sales data in your funnels. 

Follow-Up Funnels: 

  • General Follow-up Funnels: This enables a sub-user to create and manage your follow-up funnels. 


  • General Backpack: This will enable your sub-users to manage all aspects of your Backpack affiliate program.

Permissions can be edited for a sub-user, even after the sub-user’s account has already been created, to add/remove access to the different areas of the platform.


If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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