The Funnels Page

The Funnels Page is a central page where you can see all your funnels in one place. You can also perform actions for your funnels from here. You can search for your funnels, archive, unarchive, clone, set favorites, and more. In this article, we will give you an overview of The Funnels Page.



Overview of The Funnels Page:

To access your funnel page, please, hover over the ClickFunnels menu and click on "Funnels" as shown below:




Funnels Page Menu: This area will allow you to do many of the actions available on this page:


Your plan details: This can be accessed by hovering over the account name. A dropdown menu will appear showing the visits, pages, and funnel counters. These counters' limits are based on the type of plan you have.



Build a New Funnel: Clicking on this button will open the options to build a new funnel.



All Funnels: This tab will list all the active funnels in your account. Clicking on the name of the funnel will take you to that specific funnel.




Archived: This tab will display all the Funnels that you have archived. These archived funnels don't count towards your funnel limits.

This tab can be used to access the Funnel Marketplace. This will allow you to find free and for-purchase Funnel Templates.

Sort by:
You can sort your funnels by name and recency here.




These search bars will allow you to search your funnel list by group tags or by keywords contained in the title of the funnel.




Card / List View
: These toggles allow you to switch from list view to card view as needed.




The Funnel List has two layouts: list view and card view.


List View: This will organize the funnels in a list showing each funnel in a separate row.




The Header in the list view contains the following information:

  • Star icon: The star indicates that the funnel is a favorite. Gray is not a favorite and yellow is. Click on the star icon to make it a favorite funnel.
  • Type: The funnel type is based on the original template chosen to create the funnel.

  • Funnel Name: This column will display the name of the funnel.

  • Steps: This column will show the number of active steps in the funnel.

  • Group Tags: This column will display the tag assigned to the funnel.

  • Last Updated: This column will show when the funnel was last edited and saved.

  • Actions: This column will give you access to the following options for your funnel when clicking on the three dots.




  • Funnel URL: Click on this option to retrieve the funnel URL which will take visitors to the first step in the funnel.
  • Mark as Favorite: Click on this option to mark the funnel as a favorite.
  • Duplicate: Click on this option to create a new copy of the funnel.
  • Archive: Click on this option to send the funnel to the Archived tab.


Card View: This will organize the funnel list in a grid showing each funnel in a separate card. 




If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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