Create A New Follow-Up Funnel

 A Follow-Up Funnel can be used to send follow-up sequences to contacts on your ClickFunnels email lists. This will teach you how to set up your first follow-up funnel.

Prior to getting started, you will need the following: 

Important Notes: Please make sure to implement the following tips when using Follow Up Funnels:

  • Before going live with the Follow Up Funnel, make sure you have all the desired Follow Up Funnel steps created for the Follow Up Funnel
  • Once the Follow Up Funnel is made live, please do not make any changes to any of the steps including changing the filters, otherwise, the Follow Up Funnel sequence will possibly stop working
  • Also, please don't add any additional Follow Up Funnel steps while the Follow Up Funnel is live as this can also cause the Follow Up Funnel to not function
  • Lastly, please do not add any additional lists to the Follow Up Funnel once it's been made live
  • If you do need to send a newly created email to an existing email list, please use Broadcasts which can either be sent immediately or be scheduled to be sent in the future.

Step 1. Creating a New Follow-Up Funnel

  1. Click the Follow-Up Funnels Dropdown Menu.
  2. Click New Follow-Up Funnel.
  3. Name your Follow-Up Funnel.
  4. Add a Group Tag (or select an already existing group tag from the drop-down).
  5. Select an Email List(s) to associate with this follow-up funnel.
  6. Select Send To All Existing Contacts On List  (optional).
  7. Click Create Follow-Up Funnel.
Important Note: by default, only contacts newly added to the selected list will be receiving this Follow-Up Funnel.


Important Note(s):By selecting send to all existing contacts on a list, all existing contacts on the selected list will be queued into this Follow-Up Funnel. If you don't want existing contacts from the selected list to be queued into the Follow-Up Funnel, do not select 'Send To All Existing Contacts On a List' when creating the Follow-Up Funnel.

Why you would and wouldn't use this option: You wouldn't want to use this feature when creating a new Follow-Up Funnel if you wanted the Follow-Up sequence to go out to your entire list and not just newly subscribed individuals. However, if you wanted it to go out to just the newly subscribed individuals you will see that 0 contacts will receive the Follow-Up Sequence so that you know only new contacts on the list will be queued.

follow up funnel

Step 2. Add New Step

  • Select Add New Step.
  • Select a follow-up action.

Important Note: day delay maximum in Follow-Up Funnel steps is 999 days and the hours maximum is 23,976 hrs.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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