Auto Webinar Automation Overview

Learn to set up automations for your auto webinars in ClickFunnels. This will allow you to send emails and set other actions in your auto webinar funnels. 


Prior to getting started, you will need the following: 


Step 1. Edit the Event Triggers

  • From your webinar funnel, select the Auto Webinar Registration page. 
  • Click the "Automation" tab.
  • You'll find five trigger event options: Everyone, Missed Webinar, Attended but Missed Offer, Saw Offer, but Didn't Purchase and Purchased.
  • Click "Edit" on any of the options to adjust the automation you need. 



Important Note: If you are using 3rd party webinar email automation, you may not need to use this automation. Your user could receive duplicate messages from ClickFunnels and the 3rd party webinar.

Step 2. Editing the Automation Email

  • From Name: Your name/company.
  • Subject: Email subject line.
  • SMTP Configuration: Select the SMTP configuration.
  • Send only to Active in Past X Days: Type in the number of days. The days you select will restrict sending to only those active within this past number of days.
  • Condition: From the five trigger event options in step 2, pick one of the groups.
  • HTML Body: Modify the email template via HTML.



Step 3. Editing the Email Delay

  • Delay Days: Number of days before sending the email. Example:
    •  1 = 1 Day after the webinar;
    • -1 = 1 Day before the webinar (only when selecting the checkbox).
  • Delay Hours: Number of hours before sending the email.  Example:
    •  1 = 1 Hour after the webinar;
    • -1 = 1 Hour before the webinar. 
  •  For other times enter:
    • 15 minutes = .25;
    • 30 minutes = .50;
    • 45 minutes = .75.
  • Delay From Webinar Time: Delay using the time from the Webinar event. 
    Choose to have this delay days and hours related to when the Webinar event happens instead of when the contact opts in.




If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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