Create A Commission Plan

Commission plans determine the payment structure of your affiliate programs within Backpack. Creating a commission plan is a vital step in creating an affiliate program and will allow you to link your funnel and the products in your funnel to your affiliate program created with Backpack. 

Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

How to Create a New Commission Plan:

1. Hover over Backpack in the top navigation menu and click Commission Plans.


2. Click Add Commission Plan


3. Complete the information in the New Commission Plan settings. 


  • Name your Commission Plan.
  • USD is the only available Currency.
  • (Optional) Set the plan to have Expirable Commissions by checking the Yes, expire commissions checkbox.

    When enabling this option, affiliates that generate commissions during an earning period (defined by you as the owner of the affiliate program) but don’t meet/complete your requirements (i.e. providing you with a properly completed tax form, not reaching the minimum payout amount, or whatever other requirements you may have) will have their commissions expire after X days.

  • Enter the number of Days Until Commissions Expire.

    This is a required field when enabling expirable commissions. This would be the number of days that the affiliate has to complete/meet all of your affiliate program requirements to get paid the generated commissions. All expired commissions will revert as Sales in the funnel that generated said commissions.

  • (Optional) Check this box to set the plan as the Default Plan.

    When making a Commission Plan the Default Commission Plan, all new Backpack enabled funnels will be automatically assigned to the Default Commission Plan. Customers can override the Default Commission Plan and select a different plan in the Settings tab of the funnel.

    You can edit this setting at any time in the plan settings or when you add a new commission plan.

  • Under Is this plan active?, check the box to enable the commission plan.

    If this box is unchecked, affiliates will no longer be able to earn new commissions based on this plan. Any affiliate current under the plan would still need to be paid out, but unable to create new commissions.

4. Click Create Commission Plan.


If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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