Other Funnel Steps

Have you wondered what is the purpose of the Other Funnel Steps area in your funnel? This area is helpful if you have pages or will be creating pages that you don’t need as part of your funnel flow. This article will go over everything you need to know about the Other Funnel Steps area.



Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

  • Access to a ClickFunnels account

Other Funnel Steps

Other Funnel Steps is the name of an area within your funnel located below your funnel flow. The funnel flow is the sequence of funnel steps or, in other words, the path that you expect your funnel visitors to follow. The Other Funnel Steps area will show a list of all steps that are not part of your funnel flow. Any steps that you clone or remove from the funnel, as well as automatic product’s Thank You pages will be placed here by default. 

To access the pages located on the Other Funnel Steps list, you will need to click on the dropdown menu where it says Select step to view.


Usage of the Other Funnel Steps

There are some reasons why you may find the Other Funnel Steps useful. This is mainly used to place pages that you don’t want your customers to access via the funnel flow or funnel steps sequence.

What type of steps or pages do we typically find here? 

1. New Steps 

When adding a new step to your funnel, you can place it on Other Funnel Steps from the start. You will need to toggle the button to No in the Show In Funnel? Option, before creating the new step.


2. Removed funnel steps

Any steps that are removed (not deleted, but simply removed from the sequence) from the funnel.

3. Cloned steps

When cloning a step, the new copy will be moved here.

4. Product Thank You pages
After creating a new product in an Order step, a Thank You page will be automatically created for you. These Thank you pages can be found in the Other Funnel Steps section. You can expect to see one Thank You page per product in your funnel in this list.

  • This area is also useful to place any funnel steps that are still being worked on and not ready for your customers to visit. 

  • Miscellaneous Steps

Examples of pages that are typically placed here are Privacy Policy, 404/Error, Disclaimer, About Us pages, etc. Even though the steps located under Other Funnel steps aren’t part of the funnel sequence, there are many ways to direct your customers to these pages. To do this, you will be mainly using the step’s URL.

Important Note: Please note that pages with a template selected count towards your account’s page total, including those under Other Funnel Steps. if you are over your limit of pages you will not be able to select templates. *This note applies to users on limited ClickFunnels plans only.*

What options do I have for steps located under Other Funnel Steps? 

First, you will need to select a page within the Other Funnel Steps.

1. Click on the Select step to view the dropdown menu to show the list of pages.


2. Click on the page you want to work with.


After selecting a page, you will have different special options:

  • Add To Funnel: This will add the page as your last step in the funnel flow. Once added to the sequence of the steps, you can move it to the desired position in the flow.


  • Delete Funnel Step: This will delete the page from the funnel and send it to the Archived Funnel Steps in the funnel’s settings.


  • Clone Funnel Step: This will create a new copy of the step.




 If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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