Setting Up Your NMI Subscription Product

When using NMI as your payment processor these steps will create a subscription product for purchase in ClickFunnels. Setting up subscription products will allow you to charge your customers recurring payments indefinitely until they want to end their subscription.

Subscription will charge the customer indefinitely until canceled. Subscription products cannot be used as order bump products. Unlike a one-time product, a subscription product needs to be created in NMI before it can be created in ClickFunnels.


Prior to getting started, you will need to have the following:

Step 1: Set Up A NMI Subscription Product and integrate with a ClickFunnels Product (Subscription)

Important NoteOnly the required steps for creating a subscription product in ClickFunnels have been added to this guide. If you need help with the other fields in the product set up please use this document: Setting up a product in ClickFunnels: Product Details.

1. Open your NMI Account where you would like to add your subscription product. Select RECURRING and ADD PLAN to Continue

2. Complete the fields with information about your new subscription product.  Enter the amount and how often you want to charge the customer.  For example, Charge the customer every 30 days. Set how many times you wish to charge the customer (typically you would select "Charge until cancelled" with subscription products).

Important Note: Under the Plan Identification section you will be required to add the Plan Name and Plan ID.  The Plan ID in NMI and ClickFunnels must match and is REQUIRED. You will copy the Plan ID and paste it in a later step in this guide.

3. After completing the form to add your subscription product, click the save button.  The page will refresh and alert you that "Your Plan has been Successfully Saved".  Next, Click on the recurring tab on on the left side nav bar and select List Plans

4. Upon clicking List Plans, you will see a list of all the recurring plans you have created. Go ahead and copy the Plan ID you wish to integrate into your product inside of ClickFunnels

5. Next, go to the funnel inside of ClickFunnels where you would like to add this subscription product and click on the Products tab as shown in the image below

6. Click Add Product

7. Next, make sure that you select NMI as your payment gateway integration.  (Note: If you don't see your integration listed, you haven't properly integrated NMI yet.  Go back to the top in the Prior to getting started section and follow the guide to integrating NMI.)

8. Scroll to the section Subscriptions, Payment Plan or One-Time Product and select Subscription as your option

9. Click the Save and Next Buttonnmi_9_savenext.jpg

10. You will need to complete the product details form before proceeding to save your subscription product.  In the section labeled "Payment gateway subscription" you will need to paste your Plan ID that was created in your List of Plans inside of your NMI account.  You copied this Plan ID in a previous step. Paste your plan ID as shown in the example below.

11. Click the Save and Close button or Save and Next. Here is a guide to if you need additional help setting up your ClickFunnels product: Product Detailssave.jpg

12. After setting up your NMI Subscription product in ClickFunnels, you will want to test your order form. Go to this guide for help testing your order form and newly created product


 If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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